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Who We Are

Align By Design goes beyond 'nodding of heads' to bring the mythical notion of alignment to life in real and concrete ways. Enterprises and leaders like you are harnessing its power to streamline their operations and amplify their impact.

Ignites the moments of clarity essential for decision-making

Sharpens your business vision and mission

Versatile across all sectors: Experience the ABD advantage everywhere

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Did You Know?

A typical company of 100 people may be leaving over $100,000 on the table each year, all due to misalignment! How much could your company be losing?


Alignment involves navigating 'dilemmas'—decisions between two equally appealing options. These dilemmas are influenced by your organization's DNA, goals, and environment. Since these dilemmas are interconnected, addressing multiple dilemmas is essential to achieve genuine alignment.


Unlock the Power of Strategic Alignment

Plus, gain access to Playbooks for critical processes and workflows that bring your alignment to life.

Click the button below to discover how our program can propel your enterprise forward.

Preparing for the next round of funding, major business expansion, organizational restructuring, or a significant growth initiative? 'Align By Design' is here to help.

​Our meticulously structured program helps you achieve alignment across core goals, strategies and values. Get your own Culture Manifesto and Culture Handbook documents which are aligned to your business goals.

Meet the Founders




Sirisha, an alumna of IIM Ahmedabad and the Tepper School at Carnegie Mellon, delved deep into leadership dynamics, inspired by interactions with industry leaders like Tony Hseih of Zappos. Her passion led to the creation of the 'Dilemmas Resolution Framework' (DRF), a tool to help organizations navigate their daily choices.

Their professional paths converged, leading to the birth of 'Align By Design'. Together, they've crafted a program that goes beyond theory, offering businesses a clear path to growth.




Harish, with his roots at MDI Gurgaon, explored diverse roles in giants like Infosys and Cognizant. His entrepreneurial spirit shone through ventures like 'Choose to Thinq', where he championed cultures of innovation in global firms like VMware.

Sirisha and Harish are on a mission: to empower ambitious leaders and teams to unlock their true potential through genuine alignment. Click the button below to learn about the detailed origin story of Align By Design.

"The DRF provides a systematic process to resolve 60 key organizational culture dilemmas, guiding leaders through the maze and providing a clear path forward."

Dr. Anand Deshpande

Founder and Chairman, Persistent Systems

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