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Hope Is Not A Strategy

Be Deliberate About Alignment And Culture

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Available in Kindle & Paperback

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Step-By-Step Process Of Building Culture 


Step 1


Step 2

Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

Step 6

: Define The Purpose And The Desired

: Unearth The Existing Cultural Blueprint

: Deliberately decide Who You Want To Be -
  The Dilemmas Resolution Framework (DRF)

: Discover Your Company’s Core and
  Non-Negotiable Values

: Bring It All Together

: Bring Your Culture To Life

Praise for Hope Is Not A Strategy

The DRF provides a systematic process to resolve 60 key organizational culture dilemmas, guiding leaders through the maze and providing a clear path forward.

Dr. Anand Deshpande,
Founder and Chairman at Persistent Systems

At InfraCloud, the Dilemmas Resolution Framework (DRF) by Sirisha and Harish was helpful in moving the conversation to the next realm.

Girish Shilamkar,
CEO at InfraCloud Technologies

An invaluable roadmap for businesses of all sizes as they embark on the journey of cultural transformation.  The DRF empowers companies to cultivate culture playbooks that breathe life into their ideals.

Jaymin Bhuptani, 
CEO at Uplers

Dive into the blueprint for alignment and culture with
'Hope Is Not A Strategy' by Sirisha and Harish

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Elevate your organizational game plan with their proven Dilemmas Resolution Framework. Perfect for leaders seeking to turn challenges into triumphs. Grab your copy today and turn culture into your unfair advantage.

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Available in Kindle & Paperback

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