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Meet the Architects of Alignment: Sirisha and Harish

From Insight to Impact

In the world of business and leadership, two individuals embarked on their unique journeys.

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Sirisha, an IIM Ahmedabad graduate, worked at Citibank and Cognizant. She worked in various roles across BFS Consulting, program management, Pre-sales, Coaching, Learning and Development. Her time at the Tepper School, Carnegie Mellon as a Nehru-Fulbright Fellow, especially interactions with Tony Hseih of Zappos, triggered her work in leadership dynamics.​


Her experiences sowed the seeds of the 'Dilemmas Resolution Framework' (DRF). Sirisha believed that the choices organizations make daily, consciously or not, shape their very essence. By 2016, she was on a mission, working independently, helping leaders crystallize their visions for their companies.


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Harish, after completing his MBA from MDI Gurgaon, explored roles in CRM consulting, marketing, and pre-sales at giants like Infosys, BMC Software, and Cognizant. But the entrepreneur in him couldn't be tamed for long. He ventured into the world of online book libraries, delivering knowledge to doorsteps across cities. Later, co-founding 'Choose to Thinq', he worked with Global Captive Centres like VMware, to build cultures of innovation and intrapreneurship. During these transformative projects, Harish had an epiphany: the undeniable power of leadership alignment in driving strategic initiatives.









Fate, with its intricate designs, brought Sirisha and Harish together, professionally as well. Recognizing the synergy in their pursuits, they joined forces. Their combined expertise, enriched by interactions with diverse companies, refined the DRF. They didn't just aim for superficial agreement; they envisioned deep, actionable alignment. Their workshops weren't about nods of agreement but about crafting tangible playbooks, breathing life into alignment.

And so, from the melding of their passions and experiences, 'Align By Design' was born. A program not just built on theory but tested, refined, and proven. For businesses standing at the crossroads of growth, Sirisha and Harish offer not just a direction but a journey towards true potential.

Sirisha and Harish are eager to collaborate with ambitious leaders who yearn to unlock their company's utmost potential. They believe in the power of a united team, where success isn't limited by the capabilities of a single leader but is fueled by the combined strength and ambition of a team that's genuinely aligned in both intent and action.

Our Clients Say

Hear from our satisfied clients who have experienced transformative results with Align By Design

"The Dilemmas Resolution Framework allows complete flexibility in terms of what the founder and the leadership team wants the company to stand for. The entire methodology and the process touches on all the roles of the organization, which is what is required when you're having a discussion like this. Any organisation of any scale will benefit from following this process."

Anurag Kedia, Co-Founder
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"Sirisha took us through a rigorous exercise of resolving the culture dilemmas to come up with our desired culture - Who we want to be. The implementation of the culture roadmap aided our employees to explore their full potential. The proposed approach in enhancing the corporate ethos enabled us to accentuate the organizational capabilities which also positively impacted the overall business performance. A strong company culture implies a resilient workforce who is ready to go the extra mile for setting newer benchmarks."

Amit Gainda, CEO

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