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Our Approach

Unveiling the Dilemma Resolution Framework! Empower Your Organization with Align By Design Program

The Everyday Dilemmas in Business

Imagine this: Your team debates whether to prioritize speed to meet market demands or to ensure impeccable quality. Or consider the cultural identity of your company - do you see your team as a close-knit family where everyone looks out for each other or do you envision a professional sports team, where performance is paramount?

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Such dilemmas might seem trivial, but they shape the very fabric of your organization. While a CEO might have clarity, as these decisions move down the ranks, the waters often get muddied.

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Introducing the Dilemmas Resolution Framework (DRF)

Sirisha and Harish, with their vast experience and insights, recognized these challenges. They meticulously studied various organizations, identifying common and unique dilemmas. Their research birthed the DRF - a comprehensive framework that addresses these dilemmas head-on, ensuring alignment from the top tier to the grassroots.

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The DRF is at the heart of our approach to achieving alignment within organizations. It recognizes that every business, regardless of its size or industry, grapples with dilemmas—situations where two seemingly beneficial options present themselves. These dilemmas, often subtle and overlooked, can significantly impact an organization's trajectory. The DRF is designed to bring these dilemmas to the forefront, helping leaders make informed decisions that resonate with their company's DNA, goals, and environment. By addressing and resolving these interconnected dilemmas, companies can unlock a clear path to true alignment, ensuring that every team member is working towards a unified vision.

The Three Phases
of Align By Design

The Align by Design Journey is spread over three stages that usually takes 6 months to a year (or more)

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Insight by Design

This isn't just about identifying dilemmas. It's a deep dive into understanding them. Through extensive interviews with employees, partners, and even those who've moved on, a clear picture emerges of the challenges faced daily.

Align by Design

Here, the magic happens. Stakeholders come together, armed with insights, to resolve these dilemmas. It's a collaborative effort, shaping the organization's ethos and future direction.

Change by Design

True alignment is tangible. It's felt in everyday operations, in team collaborations, and in business outcomes. This phase ensures that the alignment isn't just on paper but is lived and breathed by every member of the organization.

Your Path to True Alignment

The DRF and Align By Design aren't just theoretical constructs. They've been tested across diverse companies, from nimble startups to established giants, across sectors from fintech to IT. Each time, they've proven their mettle, ensuring organizations not only find their path but thrive on it.


However, it's essential to note that the DRF and Align By Design are tailored for ambitious companies eager to realize their true scaling potential. In firms where a single leader dictates every decision, there's little room for misalignment. But as a company grows and recognizes that it shouldn't be confined by the intellect and capacity of just the top leader, empowered leaders are brought in. This can lead to misalignment. The DRF and Align By Design step in precisely at this juncture, ensuring that as a company scales, it remains true to its vision, amplifying the potential of every leader.

Sirisha and Harish invite you to embark on this transformative journey, to navigate the dilemmas, and to discover the true potential of aligned action.

Our Clients Say

Hear from our satisfied clients who have experienced transformative results with Align By Design

"The Dilemmas Resolution Framework allows complete flexibility in terms of what the founder and the leadership team wants the company to stand for. The entire methodology and the process touches on all the roles of the organization, which is what is required when you're having a discussion like this. Any organisation of any scale will benefit from following this process."

Anurag Kedia, Co-Founder
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"Sirisha took us through a rigorous exercise of resolving the culture dilemmas to come up with our desired culture - Who we want to be. The implementation of the culture roadmap aided our employees to explore their full potential. The proposed approach in enhancing the corporate ethos enabled us to accentuate the organizational capabilities which also positively impacted the overall business performance. A strong company culture implies a resilient workforce who is ready to go the extra mile for setting newer benchmarks."

Amit Gainda, CEO

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