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Defining Culture for Scalability: Pilgrim's Path to Purpose-Driven Growth

Crafting a Culture Compass for a D2C Startup on the Rise

Defining Culture for Scalability: Pilgrim's Path to Purpose-Driven Growth

Stated Problem
As second-time founders, the leadership team at Pilgrim, a burgeoning D2C startup, was determined to get it right this time around. With a growing team of 50, they were committed to building the company of their dreams, but they lacked a clear vision of the culture that currently existed or the one they aspired to create.

Solution Approach
Conducted in-depth Leadership Interviews to articulate a compelling purpose and a culture that supports this purpose
Implemented a Culture Roll-Out Plan through continuous reinforcement strategies
Integrated culture into every facet of the company, from Induction Programs to OKR Processes, Feedback Mechanisms, Leadership Development Programs, and Career Pathing Initiatives

Benefits and Impact
Achieved a 6x Revenue Growth
Doubled the Workforce, attracting passionate and aligned talent
Smoothly integrated new leaders into the organization, fostering a cohesive leadership team
Positioned the company firmly On Track for Next Round of Funding

"The Dilemma Resolution Framework allows complete flexibility to the leadership team to define what the company stands for. The entire methodology and the process touches all roles in the organization. Any organization of any scale will benefit from following the process. We follow the culture compass as a holy book in the organization and use it extensively to onboard people. Align By Design is now like our CHRO partner."

This project was delivered by the founders as Choose To Thinq (CTQ), which continues to work with Align By Design as a partner in the Change by Design phase.

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