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Case Study: Growsari's Cultural Renaissance

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

In the bustling world of food tech and logistics, spanning four nations, Siddharth Kongara, the brainchild behind Growsari, faced a pivotal challenge.

The sun had barely risen, and Siddharth Kongara was already deep in thought, contemplating the intricate tapestry of Growsari. As the company expanded its footprint across countries, a looming issue became evident. Despite having a well-defined culture deck and numerous employee engagement initiatives, they struggled to attract and retain their top talent.

"Why is there a disconnect?" Siddharth often pondered. "We've laid the foundation, set the values, initiated engagement... yet, something's amiss." The solution, he realized, lay beyond the traditional methods they had employed.

Enter Align By Design. Their first step was to crystallize Growsari's purpose, ensuring that every leader, irrespective of their geographical location, resonated with this core vision. The culture was then meticulously articulated to mirror the company's business objectives, transforming leaders into true custodians of this renewed ethos.

The results were nothing short of transformative. Attrition rates dipped, and previously disengaged employees now radiated a renewed sense of belonging and purpose. Collaboration thrived, bridging teams and geographies. Growsari's reputation as an employer soared, and the company swiftly secured their series C & D funding in quick succession.

Reflecting on this journey, Siddharth remarked, "We always believed we had everything sorted on the people front. But Align By Design's approach made us realize the gaps in our vision of 'who we want to be'. The Dilemmas Resolution Framework united us, guiding our collective decisions. With this newfound clarity, our path to achieving our goals has never been clearer."


Growsari's story with Align By Design underscores the power of a well-articulated culture. In the dynamic world of startups, a clear, actionable, and cohesive culture can be the guiding star, leading a company from fleeting success to enduring greatness.

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