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Deepening Culture Propagation and Impact in a Tech-Product and Services Company

Updated: Jan 9

In the heart of Pune, Girish Shilamkar, the CEO, and Vishal Biyani, the COO of InfraCloud Technologies, found themselves at a crossroads. Their startup had tasted success, but the path to scaling was proving treacherous. They were well aware that building a business was a daunting task, demanding not just from the founders but every team member. The weight of ensuring that founder-level ownership permeated through the entire team was palpable. They needed to ensure that their organization was poised to take those ambitious moonshots.

The duo recognized the importance of articulating values and purpose. As Girish once reflected, "Articulating the values and purpose not only justifies and alleviates the grind and uncertainty but attaches a higher meaning to it, making the journey pleasurable and desirable." He often quoted Nietzsche, saying, "He who knows why can bear any how."

But how could they ensure that their culture wasn't just a nebulous concept limited to employee experience? They needed a culture where decisions reflected the company's core values, where the right traits were rewarded, ensuring that what gets rewarded gets repeated.

Seeking guidance, InfraCloud approached Harish and Sirisha at CTQ. The duo introduced them to the Dilemmas Framework, a tool that shifted the conversation around culture to a new dimension. It emphasized the importance of making articulated culture a part of daily conversations and activities. The challenge was to ensure that the defined values were actionable and specific, not just decorative words on the walls.

With Sirisha’s guidance, InfraCloud embarked on a journey to define their purpose and align it across the organization. They rolled out culture implementation through playbooks, culture diet engagements, and focused training programs. The results were palpable. InfraCloud saw enhanced employer branding, more innovation, faster product turnarounds, and they were firmly on track for their 3-year exponential growth journey.

Girish fondly recalls their engagement, "Their Leader alignment workshop refined our thought process, creating alignment and convergence amongst the leadership team. They are now our sounding board and implementation partner for building a culture where people can perform their best at work and become a better version of themselves."

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