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The Unicorn's Rebirth

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Smriti's Dilemma: Navigating the Storm of Success

In the heart of the financial district, Smriti, the CHRO of a leading fintech company, gazed out of her office window. The city lights shimmered, mirroring the company's meteoric rise to becoming a unicorn. But as the adage goes, "Not all that glitters is gold." Behind those gleaming lights lay shadows of discord, dissonance, and disillusionment.

The company had achieved exponential growth in just three years. But with rapid success came unforeseen challenges. Leadership was at odds, attrition rates were soaring, and burnout was becoming a common term in team meetings. Conflicts were no longer just disagreements but were turning into full-blown crises. The very foundation that had propelled them to success was now shaking.

Smriti knew something had to change, and fast. She had heard of Align By Design's reputation for transforming organizational cultures. With a deep breath, she picked up the phone.

The Diagnosis and the Cure

Align By Design began with a series of audit interviews. These conversations revealed the depth of the dissonance. The company's values, once its guiding star, had become mere words on a wall. The leadership, though brilliant individually, was not aligned in their vision or approach.

Using the Dilemmas Resolution Framework, Align By Design facilitated a deep dive into the company's core values. This wasn't just about defining values but about understanding the dilemmas and conflicts that arose from them. It was about making hard choices and understanding the trade-offs.

The Leadership Alignment Workshops were intense. Leaders were made to confront the discrepancies in their visions and find common ground. It was challenging, but the results were evident. The leadership began speaking the same language, not just in terms of business strategy but in terms of values and culture.

To ensure that the transformation was not just a one-time event, a handbook was created. This wasn't just any handbook; it was a guide, a reference, a touchstone that reinforced the right behaviors and decisions aligned with the newly articulated culture.

The Phoenix Rises

The impact of the intervention was palpable. The company saw stability return. Attrition rates dropped, and those leaders who were not aligned with the new vision gracefully made their exits. The company was not just back on track; it was set to soar higher than before.

The COO, reflecting on the journey, remarked, "A lot of our tribal knowledge was broken, questioned, made peace with, and in most cases, sought closure on. For one of the 'old hands', this was the right kind of impetus required to reignite the spark that the daily 'firefighting' might have inadvertently put out. Your chanakya-niti to steer rather than state is a masterstroke I am now beginning to truly appreciate. You are exceptional enablers of transformation. Truly appreciate your support."

Smriti, looking out of her window again, saw not just the city lights but a future bright with promise and potential. The fintech unicorn was not just back; it was reborn, ready to face the challenges of tomorrow with a unified vision and a robust culture.

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